Opportunities for Office Tenants

The Hub at Lacey is ideal for Office Tenants.

The location in Lacey just off of Interstate 5 allows easy access to the Puget Sound Area.  Lacey has a great labor base and a highly educated work force at average salaries and wages that are less than the Seattle Metropolitan area to the north. It has a wonderful quality of life with retail, restaurants, and other amenties close by.

The Campus itself is made up of Class “A” Office Buildings which will undergo a major remodel to re-do common areas to a form found in many of the newer office buildings in the Seattle area. This redevelopment will give your company the Brand Image you desire. The property has great parking and transit connections that will make it easy for your employees to access the property. Our aggressive rental rates and TI allowances will help smooth the transition to The Hub and help your company's overall bottom line.

Project Highlights:

  • Great location in downtown Lacey with easy access to I-5, Olympia and the greater Puget Sound area in a park like setting.
  • Master planned mixed-use campus with integrated plazas, courtyards, parking and amenities.
  • Class “A” Office buildings perfect for tenants looking for a high quality, well-planned office. 
  • Affordable occupancy costs as compared to the Seattle/Bellevue area. 
  • Planned remodel will update all spaces with modern finishes.
  • Great employment base - Lacey has a low cost of living, educated work force, diverse cultural and recreational opportunities.
  • Abundant free parking on-site, great transit service and large contiguous office spaces. 
  • Walkable amenities including food, services, retail, banking and other business services.
  • Perfect mix of downtown and suburban business park.



Government Opportunities

The Hub at Lacey buildings have completed major renovations to meet the specific needs of government tenants.

Standard Government Building Features

Accessibility / Public Transportation
All Hub buildings are accessible via pull up parking and integrated pedestrian walkways. Whether traveling by automobile, public transportation, or walking, Woodland Center is sited and designed for the highest level of accessibility.

Location plays an important role in the utility of governmental facilities and in the development of communities. The Hub's central location facilitates service delivery and complements the community’s vision and long range goals.  All buildings are located within the State of Washington's preferred leasing area.

Efficient Designs
Building footprints and floor plate configurations promote efficient space planning and co-location of multiple governmental programs and tenants.

MJR subscribes to sustainable practices, both in construction and operation of its Government Centers. U.S. Green Building Council, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Efficient space plans and client visits create the need for sufficient and accessible parking.

MJR incorporates safety and security into every facility through site and building design. The level of security can be increased depending on user requirements, including setback requirements, perimeter control, vehicular access, service access, building entry and access, and intrusion alarm systems.




Medical Opportunities

The Hub at Lacey is ideal for Medical Office Tenants

Medical Building Features

Location – The Hub at Lacey is located in the center of Lacey close to Interstate 5 providing easy access from anywhere in the South Puget Sound area with great connections to Seattle and Tacoma.

Class A image – The Hub at Lacey is a Class A development with high quality buildings providing you with the facility you need and the brand image that you and your employees have worked so hard to build.

Access, Visibility, and Signage – The Hub at Lacey is bordered  by major thoroughfares on all four sides, including I-5 to the North, College Street to the East, Sleater Kinney Rd to the West, and Pacific Avenue to the South.  This location is just about as good as it gets in the Lacey area in terms of access, visibility, and signage.

Parking – The Hub at Lacey has ample parking stalls to meet the additional parking needs of medical practices, including pull-up parking to the front door.

Public Transportation – Public transportation is easily accessible to all The Hub at Lacey buildings.

ADA – The Hub at Lacey buildings comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, so support patients with special access needs.  All buildings have integrated ramps and elevators.

Aggressive Lease rates – At the same time, The Hub at Lacey doesn’t come with a Class A price tag.  You might be surprised at how cost effective our lease rates are.

Generous Tenant Improvement Allowance – Medical office tenant improvements are often quite a bit more specialized and expensive than typical office tenant improvements.  The Hub at Lacey includes a generous tenant Improvement package to minimize your upfront costs. In addition, because medical office tenant improvements are more expensive, we can amortize these over a longer lease term for you.

Exclusivity – Because The Hub at Lacey is an integrated campus, we control which tenants are allowed into the surrounding buildings as well.  For many tenants, we include an exclusivity clause in our lease to better allow you to control the surrounding competition.

Experienced – We are experienced with executing medical office build outs both quickly and cost effectively.  We work to understand your needs and make sure we are in compliance with all code requirements.

Functionality and Layout – The Hub at Lacey buildings have efficient floor plates, allowing us to optimize the flow of patients through reception areas, exam rooms, and checkout.  We can also optimize access to private offices and storage areas for you and your staff.

Modern building systems – All buildings at The Hub at Lacey have been recently built, so come with modern building standards and infrastructure.  Special plumbing and electrical needs, for example, don’t require expensive retrofitting to the building.

Support for Medical equipment – The Hub at Lacey is designed to support the additional requirements that medical equipment such as X-Ray and imaging systems need.  This includes the extra space, extra height, and extra load bearing requirements that many of these machines require.

Security – The Hub at Lacey buildings include the latest security systems to protect your investment as well as allow controlled access afterhours.

Proximity to Hospital and College – The Hub at Lacey is across the street from Saint Martin’s University and just down College Street from Providence Saint Peter Hospital.

Medical Labor Market – Thurston County has lower labor rates than either King or Pierce County for medical occupations including medical assistants, registered nurses, and general practitioners.  In addition, a labor force of over 200,000 is available within 30 minutes of The Hub.

Referrals – The Hub is in the heart of Lacey, making it easy to find for patients who are referred to you from other physicians.