MJR’s space at The HUB met our space needs and MJR worked closely with us to create the open concept we were looking for. From planning, through design and construction, MJR and their team listened to our needs and created a space we envisioned. After two years of occupying this space, we’ve found MJR and their team to be very active and caring owners. The common spaces and grounds are kept clean and when maintenance is needed they are quick to respond. We couldn’t be happier.
— Mark Steepy, Principal, KPFF

Our partnership with MJR has allowed us to take Ricardo’s to the next level to the point where we are now recognized as one of the top steak houses in Washington State. They really stepped up in creating an environment that people want to be part of. The MJR team made every part of the process easy, including leasing, tenant improvements, operations, and marketing. I truly consider the MJR team to be partners in my business.
— Rick and Marie Nelsen, Owners, Ricardo’s Kitchen and Bar

As new tenants at The Hub, I wanted to let you know how impressed I’ve been with the quality of service MJR has provided. Working with Sarah has been refreshing. We held several events and meetings in the building before we moved in and all I can say is everyone on the team noticed her level of professionalism and the care she gave to us. As the first person we had contact with, she has willingly helped us learn who and what our resources are. She is always smiling and her attention to detail is impressive!

Mike & Jeremy have been fantastic to work with as well! They were here hanging pictures, white boards and touching up small things as we moved in. This allowed us to open our doors to clients within two days of our move. They have consistently checked on us to see how the temperature in our suite is working, asking if we need anything else hung up, ensuring the carpet squares stayed secure… little things that make a huge difference. I also have to give Mike a special shout out… If he sees me walking into the building, he opens the front door and then goes to the elevator and pushes the button in order for the doors to open by the time I get there.

The kindness and character of the people who work at MJR shines through in Sarah, Mike and Jeremy!

Thanks for all you have done to welcome us and to ensure our clients see the best in us as the journey through this wonderful location!
— Gina D. Defa, Agency Manager, Country Financial
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Thurston-Mason Behavioral Health Organization appreciates all that the MJR group has done to make our office relocation project an immense success. Christian, with his architectural competence, willingness, and investment in making this project a smooth transition has been an invaluable asset. He has been incredibly supportive in our space planning needs and has kept involved with project management for tenant improvements. Employees for the property management team used by MJR, Crown Property Management, have gone out of their way to create a comfortable work environment for us. Troy and his team are extremely responsiveness anytime we reach out to them. MJR’s Event Manager, Sarah Rollins, has been more than accommodating when our team has needed a meeting space, and the maintenance team on site has been quick to respond whenever a question is asked. We are excited to be a part of The Hub, and feel that we are in good hands with the MJR team.
— Mark Freedman, CEO, Thurston-Mason Behavioral Health Organization